- superficial spreading melanoma (SSM) type
- can metastasize
- early removal means cure
- occurs in any region of the body

Lentigo maligna melanoma

- Lentigo maligna melanoma (LMM) type
- can metastasize
- grows in a thin layer at first
- early removal means cure
- occurs in sun exposed areas
- of elderly people

Nodular Melanoma type NM

can metastasize
early growth in thickness
makes NM dangerous

Melanoma on hands and feet

- acro-lentiginous melanoma type ALM
- can metastasize
- often not recognized early
- mistaken as wart or fungus

ocular Melanoma

- can metastasize
- can occur in any part of the eye
- iris melanoma is found early
- retinal melanoma is detected late by loss of vision
- loss of eye can sometimes be avoided

Melanoma, unpigmented

- can metastasize
- a few melanomas do not produce pigment and look atypical, so unusual warts can prove to be melanomas and tissue analysis is necessary and is the only proof.